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After getting a pentakill and a quadrakill in one game with you, I’m really close to buying you.  You’re so hard to play and fun, but you can’t really carry games, but…. I had fun even though the game was a loss!!!

I didn’t think it’d be possible to get multi-kills with him!!! 

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I can’t even.
So in love.

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Feed The Beast Dream

I hate that I wanted a nap, but I keep ending up sleeping for a long time. :( As I was texting my boyfriend, I fell asleep.  It was only for nine minutes, but I dreamt a whole scenario. 

It was testing day.  The class of Tara Victor, a psychology professor at my college, is holding the test at my high school’s AP English / Theatre room.  The whole class consisting of maybe 50 students were in the room with me.  Test has already begun, and each page has icons from Minecraft.  I assume that the whole class has been playing Minecraft.  It was a scorching hot day, and it was definitely hard to focus on the test.  I stumbled upon an icon that I needed to recognize.  The icon was purple, and it looked like Cloud’s Busted Sword from FF7, but all of it is in Purple. The icon name was ‘FuuuuuShhhhuuuu’, and I was feeling really bad about the question because I had to figure out something else, and it was a modpack that I didn’t get to play because the instructor haven’t given any instructions on how to use it, so I was just using the Witchery Mod until the test.  

So I went up to the professor and told her that she hasn’t given any initiative to start the Feed The Beast lesson. She gave me the dirtiest, meanest look.  Suddenly, she stood up and put me on blast.  She asked the class if they’ve heard of ‘beast’.  Majority of the class raised their hands, and I got really nervous.  She proceeded to ask if they’ve played the modpack and half of the class raised their hand.  It gave me a sense of relief.  She, then, gave the whole class 3 days to play ‘Feed The Beast’, so we can answer questions about the game. 

I told my classmates that I did it!! They weren’t too rejoicing about it, but whatever.  I stopped the test.  Right after the class ended, the professor came up to me and apologized.  I almost cried because she was giving me hateful gazes.  She almost cried because she didn’t want to do that to me, especially that she’s a professor.